The Working Homeschool Mom


Well that seems redundant…but what if you are a homeschool mom who also works?! Crazy, but it is possible. Though most moms who homeschool seem to be pro’s at saving money, couponing, making things, blogging, doing things to help decrease spending or increase income a little bit, some women actually work real jobs and homeschool their kids.

How? Quite simply the best answer I can give is, by the grace of God, and excellent time management skills. I myself, am no pro at managing my time wisely, but I have found some tricks that really help the work from home, homeschool mom.

  1. Stick to a schedule, and avoid interruptions, like doctor appointments, errands, etc, during the school day.

  2.  Do school FIRST, and work second. For some women that’s not an option, but if you can get the schoolwork done and out of the way, it not only takes that burden off of you for the day, and frees up your brain to actually work, but it also gets the kids worn out a bit before you need them to be peaceful to work (if you are a work at home mom).

  3. Have preset things the kids need to accomplish while you are working. Whether it’s a creative writing assignment, cleaning their bedrooms, doing an art project or doing laundry – having a preset list of things to accomplish will really help to keep them on track, and off your back.

  4. As we all know, the house will not clean itself. If you divide up the cleaning throughout the week, instead of piling it all on in one day, that really saves time, and hassle on your day off. I try to get groceries during the week if possible (one evening when my husband is home), and I try to clean on Friday afternoon’s when our workload is the lightest.

  5. Teach your children how to organize. It’s a skill that will be invaluable to them throughout their lives, and can really be helpful to you, because who in the world has time for that?! I like to get cute containers to keep things in, because that keeps the kids interested in helping. They think it’s fun to use the containers and don’t seem to mind putting the crayons and art supplies away, if the containers are there to use.

The best thing you can do for yourself, is to remember to get some me-time. After all, you are literally doing the work of two people by doing both homeschooling and working. Plan girls night out, and go on dates with hubby. It’s good for the soul to get some time out, away from the kids, and sometimes that means planning ahead for it. You could use a family member (which wouldn’t cost anything) or even trade date nights with a close friend and take turns babysitting. Whatever you decide, just remember, you deserve it!

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