Keeping Your Sanity in Your Mom’ing – How to Not Lose Yourself, The Mommy Hobby

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At some point between diaper changes, discipline, making memories, school work, doctor appointments, bills and life, there comes a time when mom is literally all you are. It doesn’t seem to dawn on us until it’s too late. Until we have given up every hobby, craft, and interest we ever had. I don’t think pairing socks and taking cell phone pics of your kids count as hobbies! But how can you get “you” back?

Keeping your sanity in your mom’ing – How to not lose yourself

I remember, not so long ago, when we had only one child at home, and I felt completely overwhelmed. Between all-nighters with this adorable baby girl who refused to sleep, to housework and dishes, laundry… I distinctly remember having a messy house and piles of laundry thinking “this is impossible”. Looking back now, I snicker because I had NO clue how easy I had it then. With five children now, and more challenging tasks then simply feeding and keeping a baby happy, I can’t even really imagine why that was so hard. But I do remember feeling like I was somehow morphing into something else…well mom of course, but also losing a part of myself along the way.


I found new hobbies, like scrapbooking and crocheting, but those didn’t last long and were hit or miss. Even though I was a stay-at-home mom, there wasn’t time for fun extras. My child and house were my whole world. Somewhere along this journey (and several more kids later) I paused long enough to say, I need me time! That’s when the daily evening bath time came into play. A time to just escape and breathe. I did try to find a hobby with my first child, but it didn’t last very long unfortunately. After our first miscarriage, I desperately needed more time with God. And I joined a women’s Bible study at our church. That was my little saving grace at the time. Eventually I had to stop attending and start babysitting at the study, because we needed the money more.

How can you reclaim “me time” and get a little bit of you back?

Pick one thing that you want and need to do, and focus on making it happen. For me, the first thing I had to make happen was exercise. I somehow went from someone who exercised quite often, to a permanently exhausted, flabby thirty year old.  Because the evenings are too challenging and I’m home with the kids all day, I had to start getting up an hour earlier to give myself that time.

Once upon a time I had a clean house. Then I had kids.

After that, I went back to crocheting. This is something I desperately wanted to be good at when I was having babies, but simply didn’t take the time to learn. Now that my babies, are no longer babies, I seem to have picked it up fairly easily, thanks to YouTube and many awesome bloggers.

Choose a hobby you can see yourself doing long term. Many moms pick up photography. It seems to go hand-in-hand with mom’ing and it can be turned into a great side business or full time endeavor. Whether it’s photography, crocheting, blogging, taking a cooking class, or joining a Bible study, choose something that you want to do. Something you are good at, or want to learn more about. Hobbies don’t have to cost money and they certainly don’t have to take tons of time, but they will give you the mental awareness of self that we all so desire.

Some Mommy Hobby Ideas:

  1. Photography
  2. Crocheting/knitting
  3. Etsy/Sewing/crafting/woodworking
  4. Golf, tennis, running, yoga
  5. Cooking/baking classes
  6. A small side business
  7. Blogging
  8. Women’s Bible study
  9. Couponing
  10. Gardening

10 Mommy Hobby Ideaa to Keep You Sane


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