The Legging Phenomenon – Skinny Jeans Worst Enemy


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you undoubtedly have been thrust into this strange phenomenon known as “Leggings”. Every woman with a pulse seems to be selling them in Facebook groups and house parties. But why? Why have these “pants” grown in popularity so quickly and in such huge numbers that women are losing their minds over glorified yoga pants with unicorns on them?! I’ve asked myself this question a dozen times (if not more), and I can only conclude one thing.

Leggings Were Made to Destroy the Skinny Jeans Industry

Laugh all you want, but think about this… Skinny jeans have been popular only a little bit longer than leggings have. Have you ever worn skinny jeans? Real skinny jeans…not jeggings. They have been known to cut off circulation causing women actual medical problems. They do not bend or give, and please do not even attempt a pair if you just lotioned your freshly shaved legs.

Skinny jeans feel like you are in a human burrito. The wearer is forced to suck it in all day, not bend their knees, and if your children need help with their shoe laces, FORGET IT! Oh and lets not forget the fact that they always like to make them low cut…so ladies, remember to wear a long tunic top because otherwise we are all going to know Victoria’s secret.

Women everywhere tried on their first pair of leggings, and literally their heads exploded! Now they can actually be comfortable the entire day. Bend, move, heck they can even workout in them. Leggings became the greatest thing to happen to women since we were allowed to vote. I have been invited to a million house parties, ten million Facebook parties (or wait was I just put in the party without them asking me?!), and I can guarantee you that when asked to choose between their burrito-like skinny jeans or buttery soft leggings, leggings are going to win 8 out of 10 times.


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