How to Tip Your Child’s Hair Using Only Kool Aid

Kool Aid Hair Dye for Kids

The weather is breaking, and my kids are all reaching for the flip flops and shorts. What else are they wanting? Dyed hair of course! Being quite experienced in bad dye jobs myself, I wasn’t about to let them use any type of permanent or damaging hair dye on their perfect blonde hair. But when a friend told me about Kool Aid, I was intrigued!

Kool Aid lasts up to a month, maybe longer depending on your hair. It is non-damaging and is the most pleasant smelling hair dye EVER! My disgusting children tried to drink theirs, after we did their hair (SMH!).

Kool Aid Hair Dye

Prepping for the Kool Aid Hair Dye

The hair should be recently washed, and completely dry. Don’t do it if your kid is filthy and needs a bath, only because I would wait 1 day until I wash it afterwards. Get an old towel and old t-shirt because it can get messy. If you do get it on your hands or clothes, a few sprays of Krud Kutter (my most favorite cleaner ever) will get it right off.


  • 2 packets of your Kool Aid color of choice (we did red)
  • 2 C water
  • 2 bowls for the dye to go in, and the hair to be placed into
  • 1 old t-shirt
  • Gloves if you don’t want dyed hands
  • 1 old towel
  • 2 hair ties

Prepping for Kool Aid hair dye


  • Place 2 cups of water into a pot, add your Kool Aid, and boil. Once it has boiled, remove from heat, and pour into 2 bowls. Allow the bowls to cool slightly (you still need it to be hot/very warm to work).
  • Part your child’s hair into pig tails, and pull the hair ties down to the desired length of color for the tips of their hair. We did about 2-3 inches roughly.
  • With the hair ties in place, the child will sit in a chair, and lean over the bowls, making sure the hair only goes in as far as the hair ties. Kids using Kool Aid hair dye
  • Set the timer for 15 minutes for a vibrant hair color. If you are looking for just a hint of color, 5 minutes will probably do it.
  • Check the hair, if it doesn’t seem to be very brilliantly colored, leave it in longer. One of my girls took twice as long to get the same results. We tried purple on my youngest daughter and it did not take. Her hair is dirty blonde. But the red worked great on all three girls.

Kool Aid hair color

  • Once the hair is the right color, carefully remove the hair from the bowls and dry with the towel. Then take the hair ties off, and using a hair dryer, dry the hair thoroughly. We didn’t let them wash it for 24 hours afterwards to keep the bold color. That’s it! Have fun and post pics here when you do it, so I can see!


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