Best Places to Sell Your Stuff

Websites – Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook Groups

Selling your stuff online - mom tips

Gone are the days where you either had to go to a flea market, or have a yard sale to sell your unwanted items. Now there are a handful of great options depending on what you are selling. We will break down the most popular ways to sell your stuff online.

1.) Online Yard Sale Sites (Facebook) – It couldn’t possibly be easier, than simply joining your areas online Facebook yard sale site. They have them for nearly every city and town in the country. Most require you to apply and then get approved by admin. This process takes a few minutes to a few days, depending on the group. Online yard sale sites are fantastic for kid items like clothes, shoes, strollers, high chairs, bikes, outdoor equipment…think stuff you really wouldn’t want to ship. Security is a bit better than simply using Craigslist because you can see the person who you are talking to, and view their Facebook page, friends list, etc. That is comforting, when with Craigslist all you have is a weird CL email address, and absolutely no clue if the person is actually a serial killer.

For this type of sale, you will need to PM or private message with those who are interested. This is where you would give out your cell phone number or address (if you are having them come to your home). Many people prefer to meet at a gas station, grocery store, or somewhere public, just in case.

2. Craigslist – While it feels a bit outdated, thanks for FB groups, it is still a legit option for selling items too large to ship. Items like furniture, vehicles, appliances, etc. A good rule of thumb with using CL is to meet in public if at all possible. Tell the person upfront that you will not be carrying cash, and they should have exact change. Always bring someone along with you, and try to get the person to talk to you on the phone first, if possible.

3.) Ebay – Is so nice because you have access to the buyer/seller’s profile and their rankings. This helps to know if they have swindled someone before, or done something unworthy of your business. Ebay is a great place to buy/sell electronics, books, specific items you are looking to get either new or used or hard to find. Ebay does charge fees, and so does PayPal. You will want to be sure that your listing is worth it after the fees, and shipping costs. With lower priced items, that can get tricky and it is easy to get burned and actually lose money.

4.) Facebook Groups (Photography groups, homeschool groups, hobby specific groups) – If you have something very specific to sell to a certain group of people, (ie Sonlight homeschool curriculum) using these very specific groups is a great way to get right to your target audience. You can use Paypal as your payment method, which has a small fee, but is worth the peace of mind to your buyer. Media mail is a gamble…avoid it if possible and just pay for the more expensive, trackable, insured shipping. It only takes getting burned one time to make you realize why media mail is so much cheaper.


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