How to Sell Stuff Online

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Money and Fewest Headaches

tips and tricks to selling your stuff online

There are many great websites that you can utilize to sell your stuff online. Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook, are a few of the most popular. Here are a few very important tips and tricks to get you the most out of your sale.

  1. Include tons pictures. The more pictures the better. Each website is different with this, but pictures tell a story and cannot be denied. If there are marks on an item or a flaw of some-kind, posting photos of the flaw, instead of just writing about it, are very helpful to the prospective buyer.
  2. Give too many details. It sounds funny but you really can’t be too detailed. People want to know EVERYTHING about the item listed. Make sure if it’s a book, you look through it for markings. If it’s an article of clothing, check it for marks, stains, tears, etc. Find the original site that sells this item new, and copy the description and add your own description as well, since your item is used. Tell the pros of the item you are selling and why you liked it.
  3. Start with a fair price. You can go a little higher than what you are actually hoping to get for the item, but for Facebook groups and Craislist, try to stay right around that price and stick to it. Offering to give a small discount for multiple purchases or to refund any overages the customer may have paid for shipping costs… are great ways to get people to take the final step and agree to buy. Paypal is the best method for checkout, and can even be used for local purchases, though cash is nice too.
  4. Research your competition so that you know you are competitive. Sometimes this can work against the bottom line, but then sometimes you realize people are selling 10 year old homeschool curriculum packages for the same price you were going to list your nearly brand new package. Always check the competition so you know what the market is. For most items, the general rule of thumb is for used items people are looking to spend about half of what you paid. If you can get more than that, awesome, but for most things, about half off (or less) is probably where you need to be pricing your items. This of course varies depending on what you are selling.

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