How to effectively have quality time with your kids…even when you’re too busy

Making quality time with your kids

As a busy mom it can begin to feel like a defeating and impossible task to actually have quality time with your kids, when you have such a crazy busy life. But how can we grab snippets of perfect and make those little crumbs of our day, be what our children hold onto forever?

The hardest part is overcoming the mental defeat. When most people think special quality time, they think they will need an hour, or significant block of time to make it happen. But what if you focus on 10 minutes? Just 10 minutes to make a memory with your child… 10 minutes to pray together, to sip a cup of tea, or just be silly. If you look at it in terms of 10 minute increments it suddenly isn’t nearly as daunting.

Kids don’t know how to create quality time, though they positively crave it… regardless of what they may tell you. If you can have some sort of mental plan, that after dinner we will spend 10-15 min talking, playing a “what was your high/low of today” game, or even just offer praise to your kids where praise is due… this will be a great starting point to naturally building in quality time with your kids.

Mom Life

Sometimes, we think we have less time than we actually do. How much time are you needlessly spending playing games on your phone, checking Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Though these things aren’t bad, if you can try to limit yourself on those things to make time for that 10 minute QT session with your child or spouse, how much more fulfilled will you both feel?

Sometimes it’s hard to follow along with what fad the kids are into this week… but despite hating getting your hands dirty… get glue, shaving cream, food dye, borax, and make putty with your kids. It may seem silly, but suddenly you are part of their world and maybe if you’re really lucky…even a little cool too.



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