Coffee, Netflix, and Grace – What the Modern Mom Needs

Coffee Netflix and Grace - Mom Needs in the Modern World

Maybe it’s just me…but I feel like there are three very simple things that keep me somewhat sane… coffee, Netflix and grace. Before I was a mom I didn’t drink coffee…that was something grown-ups did (I was only 20 when I had my first baby), Netflix wasn’t really a thing (or maybe they just mailed DVD’s) and grace wasn’t something I realized I needed. After eleven years of parenting, and a lifetime worth of experiences with these five crazy munchkins, I feel like these are my go-to’s for keeping me sane.

Of course this isn’t a complete list…I still need food, air, water, mom friends, time with hubby, etc., but this is what makes me, as a modern mom, function and quite honestly not lose my mind! Maybe it’s because life is overly complicated now. Not only are we responsible for our children, but with the mom shaming going on virtually, it’s hard to not feel incompetent and inadequate. Most moms are needed to work outside of the home, raise children, have social lives, be involved in their churches, and still try to find me-time. There is no shortage of demands and expectations.

Praying for Grace

Grace. It’s a simple word, an old fashioned-reborn name, and really truly one of the sweetest gifts God can give us. People ask me all the time, “how do you do it with five kids? I can barely handle my two!” Grace is given as we need it. God doesn’t give you grace for five kids, when you have two.

He gives you grace to meet your needs, to help you get through the impossible, defeat the sin you are battling in your own heart and mold your children into respectful little people.

Praying for Him to dish out the grace is an easy call for help. When I was homeschooling my brood I would often ask Him to give me grace to get through the rest of the day, because it was a struggle on every single level.

Bring coffee to a friend who is sick

When your mom’ing becomes overwhelming, your days long, your weeks a blur and you feel like you have totally lost “you”…try to remember this is a season.

A time we will one day long for again, and that this is one of the most challenging yet important jobs you can possibly have. Hug them, when you don’t feel lovable, cuddle them, even when you feel totally spent, and remember to pray for grace as it’s needed. Oh, and have a cup of coffee….lots and lots of coffee!

All I Need is Coffee Netflix and Grace


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  1. Edie Emory

    Oh, how I needed this today! My hubby has been gone for 10 days on a business trip so it’s been 24/7 with no break (other than when he was in Sunday School this past Sunday). Today I just started crying for no reason and tried to figure out how I could get just a 10 minute break. It’s been exhausting, but like you said, it’s only a season. I will miss these days.

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    • Jenna

      Edie – Prayers for you that you can find a little me-time while your hubby is away, to help stay sane. I have been there, and it is so very hard when you just simply do not have backup.

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