Making Summer Memories On a Tight Budget

Fun Summer Activities on a Tight Budget

Summer is in full swing, and if you are like me, you are probably trying to create lasting memories with your kids.  Afterall, we have only what, like 18 summers with them before they leave the house! Having a tight budget can make it can seem impossible. I have spent so much time thinking of all of the awesome things we could do, if only we had money. But then, one day it hit me.

There are tons of things we can do together, without spending much of anything.

Being a mom on FaceBook during the summertime can be especially interesting. If you weren’t battling with jealousy issues prior to the start of summer….you probably are now! I have seen so many awesome vacation pictures, fun camping trips, road trips, amusement park adventures, etc. etc. But you know what memories I love the best from our past summers (that have included great vacations)? Those of the kids picking strawberries, going to the creek to fish, dancing in the rain, going on a hike, catching lightning bugs… I realized that the most fun, biggest memory making adventures we have had seem to involve things you simply cannot buy. So I have created a little list of fun things to do on a tight budget.

strawberry picking

15 Things To Do In The Summer On A Tight Budget

  1. Scavenger hunt in your neighborhood (or local park)
  2. Catch lightning bugs! Just do it.
  3. Go fishing, or at least use nets and try to catch tadpoles
  4. Pick fruit…strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc.
  5. Go for a hike
  6. Local library summer reading program
  7. Go outside and have a painting party as you paint what you see
  8. Family movie night
  9. Have a sleepover with friends
  10. Pick flowers
  11. Gardening
  12. Ride bikes, rollerblade, scooter, just get out there and go!
  13. Have a yard sale, and let the kids make money selling their things
  14. Make jam or jelly
  15. Let the kids learn photography basics

Don’t let your lack of money, stop you from having a great time with your kids this summer. We only have a limited number of summers to create lasting memories with our kids. Take advantage of each one, despite your situation and get outside and have some fun. There are many things we as moms can regret and dwell on over the years….but no one ever regrets spending time with their kids. Make the memories, and catch those lightning bugs.


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  1. taiwantrailsandtales

    I love how outside-y so many of these are. And actually, they remind me of so many good memories from my own childhood, I am sure you children will look back on their summer holidays happily.

    The other things we did a lot of in my house were craft activities: found object collages (maybe with things collected during a walk), household jewellery (using things like pasta, cotton reels or anything else that could be fashioned into beads), tie-dye (using an old bed-sheet or t-shirt). One year we did a project wall where every day we decorated a sugar-paper hexagon with pictures and words relating to whatever we’d done that day and were allowed to stick them on the wall. At the time I thought it was really cool – actually, I’m 30 now and I still think it’s pretty cool.

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    • Jenna

      Such good ideas! Thank you for sharing them. I really pray my kids look back fondly on their summer-times. It can be daunting trying to always create fun for them, but part of the beauty of summer is them learning to create fun for themselves too.

      Liked by 1 person

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