Cone of Shame Seems Inhumane – Neutered Dog Collar Review

KONG inflatable cone review

I’m not one to do many product reviews. But I felt like after what my Havapoo (Max) has been through, I just had to! Max is a one year old Havanese/poodle mix. We decided to finally have him neutered because he was “dancing” (as my kids call it) on every dog that he encountered. It was just getting gross, and really old. So we bit the bullet (so to speak) and had him fixed.

When we went to pick him up from the shelter yesterday, he not only was drugged, exhausted, and terrified, but he was completely miserable in his cone collar they put on him. Being 13 lbs, his bulky, heavy, uncomfortable collar was making everything worse. He was unable to go to the bathroom, because he’s a dog…he likes to sniff and then go. He couldn’t eat or drink with it on. He couldn’t clean any part of himself, which I know is the point, but honestly the boy just wanted to clean his paws after being away all day. Being totally unable to rest his head, he also couldn’t sleep. He was literally standing in his crate, staring straight ahead and crying.

Cone of Shame is Inhumane

I imagine that plastic cone also magnified sounds, and blocked his line of vision as well. Not something anyone would like, especially a pup who has just been through a surgery. After getting no more than 3 hours of sleep, I knew we had to try something else. That’s when we ran to the pet store, and got a Kong Inflatable Collar. I tried the old t-shirt trick, and the plastic cone from the vet, so this was really the only other option.

KONG inflatable collar review

We bought the KONG Collar and inflated it. It says to inflate until full, but not too hard. We bought a size small for him, because he is 13 pounds. We put it on as the picture shows, we watched him walk around the house. Finally he sat and began to lick and to my horror he could reach his bottom where his stitches are. I was determined to make it work, so we looked online, and discovered you are supposed to put his collar through the hoops on the inside of the KONG collar, so we did that. This helped some, but still he could get to it.

Finally we decided to turn the collar so that the velcro is on top of his head, and the tube is more under his chin, and this was the solution. He cannot get to his bottom but can still clean most of his body (which he really appreciates). Max is able to eat, drink, walk outside on his leash, nap, and play with this on. Unlike the other collar where he could barely walk, this was the perfect fix for him.

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