Selfishly Praying for Grace, When They Need it More – Mom Prayers

Praying for Our Children

It dawned on me today, how often I pray for myself throughout the day. And how little I pray for my kids. It’s not that I don’t pray for them…I do. I pray that God will watch over them, protect them, draw them to Him. But I don’t pray for them specifically in tough moments, instead, I pray for myself. As I’m writing this, I realize how selfish this sounds…but I never did so with selfish motives. In fact, I did so for their good, not my own.

Our kids are no angels. They fight like cats and dogs, play like best friends, and then fight like cats and dogs yet again. It’s an incredibly exhausting cycle that changes more frequently then toilet paper rolls around here. Some days are so completely exhausting, I just want to quit!  Kick my feet up on a beach somewhere and read until the sun sets.


Praying More For The Kids and Less For Myself


But mom’s don’t get to just quit, we persevere, push through it, and pray for grace.

When we are really in the thick of it, with tempers, tantrums, mean words being thrown around like water balloons, I tend to pray “God please give me grace to get through this.” Or, “God please help me.” Something along those lines, where I’m asking God to help me to stay sane while I attempt to parent. But maybe I’ve been doing it all wrong? It dawned on me today that instead of just praying for my own sanity, my own temper, that I pray for theirs.

I should be praying that God would calm their tempers, replace anger with love, and give them the grace they need to get through the day.

Maybe instead of patience and time outs, my kids need more grace. More God given grace to survive their day. Maybe they need the support of a prayerful mother, not one who prays for her own needs specifically, but their needs first. Sometimes I think we discount children’s feelings as insignificant in comparison to real life issues. When they are freaking out because someone ate the last cookie, or someone is looking at them, maybe we should pray for them to have servant hearts, and thoughtfulness towards others. Being selfish is a sinful pattern we are all born with. But learning to be selfless is an invaluable gift. I know I struggle with this on a daily basis. We all do, if we are honest.

I’m resolving today, to pray more for my kids. Not for just their futures, health and safety, but also for their daily struggles of selfishness and anger. I want them to be kindhearted and loving people, who reach out to kids who are being picked on, lend a hand to someone in need, and have hearts wanting to serve others. I realize I cannot really truly teach these gifts, but I can pray that God would instill these qualities in them.

Intentionally praying for our children, may be the greatest gift we could ever give them.

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