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Motherhood is no easy gig. It takes a lot of patience, gallons of coffee, tons of prayer and sometimes even a few tears. Because being “mom” is quite possibly the most challenging career a woman can have, Grace and Motherhood is dedicated to offering helpful advice, insight and maybe even a few laughs. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, homeschoolers and public schoolers alike, we can all agree that being M.O.M. is our first priority.

So many times we are overcome with “mom guilt”, the Facebook complex, and self doubt and worry. Our society places high value on things of this world, like perfect bodies, fancy cars and houses, and money. But when we look deep inside at what we have become since the first moment we became mothers, I think we will find women that we are proud of. Maybe not physically perfect, or rich, but women who place value on kindness, tenderness, love, mercy and grace.


Motherhood is…

  • Choosing between bathing and eating, because you haven’t had time for either.
  • Praying harder then you ever have for another person.
  • Asking questions literally all day long
  • Reminding yourself that they need grace and you keep thinking, so do I!
  • Longing for the first 6 months for the word “mama” to be spoken, and then spending the next 5 years saying “if you say my name one more time…”
  • Realizing that your mom was right
  • The most inexplicable joy when you see your child doing something they love
  • The most inexplicable anger when you see your child doing something they are not supposed to do
  • A career that involves being a cook, cleaning lady, counselor, teacher, preacher, taxi driver, multi-taker, laundry mat, nurturer, grocery fetcher, homework proctor, cheerleader, coach, referee, doctor…it’s endless!
  • The greatest joy and privilege any woman can experience. Regardless of how she comes to be a mother.
  • The scariest “hood” you ever could imagine!


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